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Let innovation thrive

Rockstar is deeply committed to advancing innovation worldwide through its patent licensing program. Intellectual property is a strategic asset. Acquisition of such an asset from Rockstar through a license or purchase can provide significant strategic value to our partners and customers. Our licensees gain access to the immense power and know-how of the patented technologies in Rockstar’s portfolio, in addition to gaining freedom of design, improving time-to-market product development and delivering better end-customer satisfaction.

Protect when necessary

Licensing is always the preferred route at Rockstar. However, with a portfolio that is widely regarded by peers and analysts as one of the most significant, high-quality collections in the technology industry today, Rockstar is committed to protecting its intellectual property where necessary.

When patent infringement occurs

Today, a vast number of companies in the marketplace are using technology products or processes built directly from patents in Rockstar’s portfolio. When patent infringement occurs, there is typically one of two consequences: either the infringing businesses obtain the legal right to use that technology via a patent license, or the parties pursue the case through litigation—a step that can be costly and time consuming for both parties.

How evidence of patent infringement is collected

While Rockstar prefers to help innovation in the marketplace grow through the licensing route, we also aggressively pursue those who refuse to respect and compensate patent holders. Evidence of patent infringement is collected and analyzed by Rockstar at our in-house labs. Rockstar engineers—many of whom are patent holders themselves—conduct extensive reverse engineering on products that are suspected of patent infringement. When evidence of use is established, a claim report is created and an infringing company is contacted to discuss next steps.

Find out more about patent licensing and sales

At Rockstar, licensing and sales are the preferred way of bringing innovation to the market. For authorized representatives of firms who develop technology-based products and processes, contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for more information on patent sales and licensing options for your firm.